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Nesilo’s leveling partner was traveling last night, so I grabbed some play time in Alterac Valley for the first time since I dinged 60 on Saturday. Alliance was on a winning streak — though I’ll admit it was only due to bad queuing, not because we were actually demonstrating any particular level of skill. (I did see a lot more Alliance actually *guarding captured towers* for once — we had at least 3 at every tower I was guarding last night, which was nice.)

Anytime that I end up in a battleground during preparation time, I hit Aspect of the Pack. In general, it makes no practical difference — you run 5 yards, then we all mount to head off to where we’re going to. in AV last night, though, I got criticized. (Of course, it wasn’t directed at me: how could they know when everyone in the raid had the buff?) Still, after asking for Pack to be turned off, the disgruntled raidmate simply said “tards”… as we all mounted up and I turned off the Aspect.

“How does this affect you?” I asked.
“Well, when I was playing with hunters the other day, they’d keep leaving it on.”
“Okay. I’m not a tard, and I’m not other hunters.”

Now, I realize that there are many huntards out there. In fact, I’m not even going to say I’m not one: I still haven’t figured out how the hell I’m supposed to kill a rogue who keeps me stunlocked and takes down all 3500 HP I have, and occasionally in AV I’ll accidentally pull an NPC who should have been left alone, either as a result of thunderstomp or being set on aggro. I also realize that playing AV means that I’m not going to be making a pre-made to run with anytime soon.

But when someone has aspect of the pack on *in preparation*, it’s probably fair to assume that they’re not going to leave it on for the whole game. (If you see yourself pick up pack in the field of strife… well that’s a different matter.)

Additionally — and I don’t know if this is new in 3.1 or not — Aspect of the Pack turns off *automatically* when you mount. So in order to actually affect anything, you have to *turn pack back on* when you get to where you want to go — which seems terribly unlikely by the time you reach level 60 for anything but the most basic n00b. (And if you have one of those — well, there’s a good chance that they’re going to screw you anyway.)

Hunters can be very useful in Battlegrounds; they can be spotters with their enemy detection, they’ve got a decent amount of CC, and they have the whole pet thing going for them. Be nice to your hunters, because they may help you out down the road. Calling them “tards” is not nice. (Even if they are.)


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May 6, 2009 at 11:50 am

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  1. huntards are huntards. Especially the ones in LFR. And in Ashran. Because in Ashran, you can’t boot them.


    January 25, 2016 at 4:12 pm

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