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Gnomeregan: Hell in a Radioactive Pit

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Gnomeregan is one of those instances that I’m not sure what to think of. I like the idea of a relatively epic dungeon like this — one that really tests something beyond how quick a group can run through. However, with the small number of people actually participating in the old world content — due to things like increased XP, faster leveling, etc., and the fact that this dungeon is so long, means that it is *hard* to get a good group together for this. I speak from first hand experience here — I tried to put one together this weekend.

So I successfully built a group up. 5 people, ranging from 24-30. Not bad. Got 5 quests shared, everyone to the entrance, great.

First problem: Data Rescue and Techbot. We ran straight to the instance portal, skipping the path to Techbot, and as a result, missed the first punch card, as well as Techbot’s brain. Getting our group together to go back out and fix this, we lost the interest of our 5th, who was doing this for an alt, and really hated Gnomeregan. With that person gone, we were down to four people from level 24-27 — a much less enticing proposition.

So, we recruit another 5th, a level 30, from LFG. We get him summoned, get down to the instance, and run to the clean room — the same spot we’d gotten before we turned around. While people are vendoring some of their trash, we lose the hunter to a d/c. (This was the second time someone had had that problem with the same player — thank goodness for reliable internet.)

So, we decide we’ll do what we can as a group of four. We do pretty well — taking a long time, but making it through, beating the Crowd Pummeller, getting lost a couple times, but making it through. We get to the long tunnel down to Mekgineer, and this is where we really start having trouble. The Dark Irons and their land mines start giving us trouble, but we make our way slowly down the tunnel, until we can actually see the end.

We do what we hope is our final pull before the boss. In the process, we pull the group we were meaning to pull… but with some of us (me) still being at level 24, and the mobs being level 28, we *also* pull up a group from the bottom half and they take us on as well.

So now what was a reasonable battle turns into a hellish fight, with two groups being pulled, and we don’t make it. Four people for this stage simply isn’t enough. (Had I been faster on my fingers, I probably could have made us last slightly longer — I still haven’t gotten the chance to do a combat res, but I levelled just as the last couple other people in the group were dying, and I should have been able to pull it off, but failed.) We wipe, and we run back. We go in the back door, using our Workshop keys, and start making our way around… and 3 pulls down the back door tunnel, we lose our fourth.

So now we’re three. We all have quests we still want, and the druid and I both want that ridiculously nice cloth head that the end boss drops. We decide to go in, and see how far we get.

“Not far”, is the answer. We work our way pass the gnomes by the exit, but getting to Thermaplugg just isn’t going to happen. The Dark Irons gang up on us, and we are getting mined left and right — and with only 3, there’s no leeway.

In the end, we wipe again after only two pulls, and we all give up, agree that Gnomeregan is hell, and go home.

I still want that headpiece — or at least the Gnomeregan achievement and end boss — so I expect I’ll be back at some point. But after spending 3 hours and not even getting to the end, I’m ready to take a break from it. As sad as it makes me, Gnomeregan will remain a mess for just a little while longer.


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May 11, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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