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Mages go Squish

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I rolled a mage a couple nights ago, as part of my continuing efforts to test out different classes to see what I like the most. (Currently, I have a level 60 hunter, a level 46 priest, and a level 26 paladin, plus the new mage, who is currently at level 9.)

One thing I’ve realized is that more than any other class I’ve played so far, mages are quick to go squish.

The priest is probably similarly so, but the ability to heal plays a significant role in preventing this particular problem. Mages — at least at level 9 — have no significant ability to defend or evade, and the one crowd control ability I have has a 1.5s cast time, meaning that I trade off the possibility of killing a mob in order to sheep adds… and get myself dead in the process.

I’m sure that over time, I’ll find this to be less of an issue, but right now, I’m finding levelling to be frustrating simply due to the fact that if I ever pull more than one mob at a time, I end up in a magey pancake puddle.

I’m also amused at the sheer size of some starter weapons to my gnome. The walking staff you pick up from an early starter quest is three times the height of my gnome!


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May 29, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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