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Up until now, I’ve always felt broke in WoW. Being a new player — and lacking the access to the high-return end game content such as daily quests — I’ve typically felt that there is too little gold in my bank account.

However, with mining on my priest, I’ve actually stacked up some gold in the bank, and am finding myself i better shape than ever for gold. (I actually just crossed 500g across my accounts, which is a nice thing for me.) As a result, I figured I would go ahead and pick up some crafting professions for my mage.

With my natural predilection for geeky things, I’ve always found the engineering profession to be attractive. Even though I realize there’s a good chance I’ll never actually get there, I have this incredible desire to become a chopper factory — building them for everyone in a raid group, for example. (With the drops in Ulduar, this is actually slightly more possible than it might have been before, but still outside the realm of things that are ‘likely’.)

Adding in the fact that I’m a gnome — +15 to engineering, baby — I decided to take it up as a profession. I’d seen a lot of complaints — the Stealth Detection Items Nerf, for example, led to a lot of “Engineering is now useless!” posts — from poor treatment to high costs, but I’ve never let a lot of forum whiners get in the way of me enjoying something in WoW.

So, I picked up engineering, and had a ridiculously good time leveling it up. Thanks to recently leveling up the mining on the priest — and being a packrat — I had something like 8 stacks each of copper and bronze, and was able to use pretty much all of them. I was able to, in just over an hour, level from 1->150(+15) engineering. As a result, I got some pretty damn cool stuff:

  • Green Tinted Goggles — when I picked these up, they were more stats than… well, everything else combined. At level 12, I had head gear with +8 Stamina and +7 Spirit.
  • Explosive Sheep — the only problem I have with this item, which is super cute, is that it is consumable, so it costs a fair amount for a nifty toy. (Apparently these are commonly used in Battlegrounds; at the moment, I’m interested to get to level 20 for the next skill level of engineering and tailoring, so I’m not concentrating on that.)

Thanks to my packrat tendancies, I was able to skill up engineering by spending only 4g (on rough stones, which I’d sold via the AH earlier.) Great fun — and I love working in Ironforge, at the giant forge in the center of the city.

In addition to engineering, I took tailoring — my first armor crafting profession. This one was slightly more painful to level — and the benefits at low levels aren’t as significant as engineering. Engineering items require engineering skill to use — if you can make it, you can use it. Since tailoring items are BoE items, you instead have level requirements — preventing twinking and the like — and so though I’ve maxed out at 150, I can’t use anything about ~skill level 120, because I’m only level 15.

Still, I was able to craft a great set of clothes, giving myself a decent set of stats when before none of my gear had any. I’ve been updating as I level, and thus far, I’ve not run into any quest items that are better than what I’m crafting. Everything I’m wearing is crafted — engineering for the head, tailoring for everything else — with the exception of my weapons and my belt. (I couldn’t find any low level tailoring belt stuff. Don’t know if I’m missing some.)

Again, I was largely able to use packratted mats from other accounts. My level 26 paladin had 6 stacks of wool from a recent Deadmines run. My hunter had 6 stacks of silk. I’d had a bunch of linen — though I did end up buying some from the AH as well.

Overall, I think I’ve come pretty close to making up for all of my crafting purchases through selling cloth items back through the AH one at a time — rather than dumping 20 on at once like some people do — and I’ve got a great set of gear for my level, with a head piece that’s significantly above what is typical for my level. As far as I’m concerned, that’s nothing to sneeze at.


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May 31, 2009 at 12:14 am

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