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(I’ve been posting more in my guild Forum, rather than here, since I got to 80 with my hunter, after a friend bought me TBC and WotLK. I’m going to be moving a couple posts over here as well.)

Last night the guild had about 5 people on. (Porkpie signed on later.) First, we did HoL.

To be honest, I think the gods of HoL were against us. We had a bunch of trouble, with both trash pulls killing us and with Loken. However, we were able to get it done, and most of us got the two daily quests (both were HoL today) done as well… with the exception of our lovely shaman, who didn’t get the regular daily, I think.

I picked up which was a nice upgrade; I don’t think anyone else picked up anything particularly useful. (J got a side-grade belt, I think.)

Our firecracker mage logged off, and we then dragged Porkpie to run UK — I’m still trying to get , which I think is my best pre-raid helm. ( is the search I’m using personally; other feedback welcome.) I suppose there’s the PvP/honor helm:;37188 but they compare pretty close.

Before our run last night, I was able to join in for a great 25 man VoA group. (One-shot woo!) I had decent (though not great) DPS — 3200 on Archevon, 2700 on Emalon. (Emalon is much less tank and spank, which is probably most of the reason.)

In that, I picked up . also dropped, but the other hunter got them — thus ensuring that I will Never Ever see a piece of hunter loot drop from VoA again.

Finally, I had J make me a Jewelcrafting ring

Overall, my average item iLevel went from 187 Sunday to 194 last night.

(Also, 25 man instances are wicked cool. Who knew I could do so well when I never run out of mana!)


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July 30, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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