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Raids I’ve done in PUGs:

  • OS 25 (no drakes) — easy as pie, no dying, no wiping. Sat around 10th in the DPS meters, I think, which isn’t too surprising since I’m only heroic geared + 2 pieces. Quick PUG, ran the whole thing in 18 minutes.
  • Naxx 25 (friday night) — Picked up Slime Stream Bands and Infectious Skitterer Leggings Came in with Military down, and Construct up to Thaddius. At no point in the run did I die — even on Heigan, where we only lost one total — except when we wiped a fight. We also one-shotted KT and Saph, which was nice, since the run up til that point had been iffy a couple times.
  • Naxx 10 (Saturday night). This one was a bit funny to me: Someone was looking for dps in lfg (though not advertising; I was watching the ‘groups’, and they clearly needed more ranged DPS.) After about an hour of looking — and me asking several times if they needed more ranged, since they had very little — they finally advertised in LFG, and I grabbed a spot. As soon as I got on vent, I heard them gear-checking the last person they invited, looking at Naxx25 gear, and saying ‘enh’, but letting him come anyway, so I think they just didn’t want me.

    So I think I got gear-checked out of the raid for the first bit — and I ended up being top overall damage, top DPS on KT, and top DPS on Patchwerk (2972), and in the top 4 for every boss. Take that, gear elitists!

    No loot on this run, but did pick up all of the standard Naxx achievements, plus Arachnophobia and The Safety Dance.

    Overall, this was great for learning the fights. Didn’t wipe on anything more than once, kept the same group of 10 people all night, and from the time I zoned in to the time KT went down was 3 hours and 15 minutes — for a PUG (no more than two people in any single guild), I’d say that was pretty darn good. (Ah, DBM has stats: 1 wipe on Raz, 1 on Grobb, 1 on Anub (people just weren’t into the grove yet — we did Spider first), 1 on Saph.)

  • VoA 25 — 2 wipes on Emalon. Some pretty terribad DPS made this harder than it should be. (Dear Mage: If you are doing 1200 DPS, You should not be in 25-man VoA, sorry.) One-shot on Archevon. (J can correct me here — it *was* 2:30 in the morning.) No loot for me.

Things I’d like to do with a guild group at some point:

  • H DTK. This is all I need left for my Heroic Dungeon achievement
  • Another Maly run at some point? Maybe no one else needs the gear from it, but that — combined with DTK — will get me the Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Anyway, that was my weekend so far. Combined with 4 loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen (it needed it, bad), and sorting through some of the stacks of shit that need doing around the house.


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July 30, 2009 at 7:51 pm

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