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Weekend Accomplishments

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Yesterday: Got my 25 Champion’s Seals, and picked up the Silvery Sylvan Stave. (I had Origin of Nightmares from a Naxx25 run, but the Stave is less tanking oriented, and gives a slight dps boost.) Also opened up the Shadow Vault, and got my Ebon Blade tabard. Also one-shot VoA 10 with a PUG I was the raid leader for — sadly, the warrior/rogue loot that dropped was all wasted.

Saturday: Full Naxx25 run. Not a particularly high-DPS run for me, but I wasn’t at the bottom, either. One wipe on Maexxena, 3 on Patchwerk. About a 5 hour run total. Picked up the Heroic Safety Dance achievement, as well as the Naxx25 overall achievement. Additional pickups:

Overall, a decent weekend. Next significant tasks are rep-grinds for Ebon Blade and Sons of Hodir for head/shoulder enchants, and I’m still grinding away gold for fast flying.


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August 3, 2009 at 2:23 pm

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