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EZ Mode Paletress: Tranquilizing Shot

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As a hunter in PVE, I have a skill that I seldom have a lot of use for: Tranquilizing Shot. There are a few common uses — dropping the enrage off of Gluth in Naxx, doing the same for the trash in the opening of UK, etc. etc., but in general, it’s not something I think a lot about.

Trial of the Champion — and specifically, Argent Confessor Paletress — change that. Due to tranquilizing shot now dispelling a magic effect as well as an enrage affect (since 3.0.2), it has the benefit of being able to dispel the lovely little renew HoTs that Paletress will cast on the memory, and herself.

The difference in how fast the boss goes down in this fight with and without the dispel is huge. I mentioned this to our priest at one point, and he mentioned that although he’s aware of it, he’s usually so busy healing the crap out of us during the fight that he doesn’t get a chance to dispel.

As a hunter, I should have no problem weaving this into my rotation whenever it’s up; I’ve got the space for it among my other abilities. Doing so, the boss simply goes down faster, and we all get to go home earlier. Now, if only I could actually remember to hit the button more often…


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August 17, 2009 at 11:25 am

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