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Leveling Engineering: 1-450 — Cost and Process

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Yesterday, I changed my hunter from being an herbalist at 450 to being an engineer at 450.

I followed the 1-450 power leveling guide, which was accurate and extremely helpful. The process took about 5 hours, total, though I expect some of that could have been trimmed down to 2 or 3 if I had bought all the mats first, which I didn’t do until I hit 300 (and had to go to Northrend, where I didn’t have access to an auction house). Some mats were lacking on the AH, which led to me logging off and coming back in later.

The total cost was (drumroll please):

4373g, 27s, 17c

Painful points:

  • Low quantities of Mithril Bars; only about 1/3rd of what I needed. This was one of my big time sucks, waiting on more Mithril and Solid Stones to come up on the AH.
  • *Expensive* Fel Iron: Currently, on Malygos, this sells for *4g-5g per bar*. (This is also why I don’t yet have my epic flying mount yet; the outland metals are just ridiculous, even if they’re available.)
  • Ran the server out of Cobalt Bars a couple times in the process. Even asking in Trade, couldn’t get any bites.
  • Wicked-expensive Titanium meaning I don’t yet have my wormhole generator.

The only modifications I made to the 1-450 guide were that instead of noise machines and army knives, I made Heartseeker Scopes primarily from 430 on up. Due to the extreme prices of Cobalt, this was actually a save on raw costs, and the Heartseeker scopes have been selling on the AH, such that I’ve already recooped about 300g, and expect to make more. Titanium being > 100g per bar on Malygos yesterday (a problem I fixed by whining about it in trade, though they’re still pretty ridiculous) meant that I didn’t want to bother to make a wormhole generator, and just ground out the last few points on scopes. (I ended up with 37 in the end; the scopes auction for slightly more than the *average* price of the mats, so I think I’ll work out alright in the end.)

I’m an engineer at heart. Tinkering and toys are my reasons for being. I’ve already re-enchanted my cloak and boots, so I now have a parachute, and nitro speed. (Yes, I gave up some DPS for my boot enchant; overall, I haven’t lost anything with the slight 3.2.2 BM buff.) I’m looking forward to making my turbocharged flying machine. I’ve got a stack of repair bots, white flares, and exploding sheep in my inventory. All in all, of the things I’ve done in WoW recently, this one takes the cake for making me happiest, and it was well worth the gold.

My expectation is that I’ll probably get back about 1000g of the 4500 I spent, from selling some of the items I made as well as some of the extra mats I didn’t end up using. I’m also currently leveling mining on an alt to farm my outland metals for my flying mount, so I’ll probably make a fair amount more through that path. All in all, I’m super-happy to be an engineer, and would recommend to anyone who is interested to just save up the cash, and do it: if you’re a tinkerer at heart, engineering really is the profession for you.


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September 24, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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