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Onyxia PUGs — Finally, some luck!

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I finally got some good luck in Onyxia PUGs last night (after missing our 10-man guild run on Monday due to a wedding): one-shotted Ony10 and Ony25 PUGs, and picked up the backpack with a 95 (25) and the head with a 100 (10). 🙂


Flaws in this: I got feared directly into her cleave before we got tremor totems down, and spent the rest of the fight face down on the floor. (I knew it was coming, but couldn’t get out of the way soon enough.) Sucked. Also, I had crappy buffs (Sanc + Kings, but no might or wis, despite having 3 pallies? C’mon.) and didn’t do well on pet management after p2. It wasn’t a terrible run, but I ended up at the bottom of the meters for DPS (though above the tanks), which was kinda terrible. It’s not a really friendly fight for a BM hunter, but 2600 DPS is terrible for me.


Flaws in this one (other than the weird video glitch) are primarily not switching out of Viper. I spent half of p2 and almost all of p3 in viper, and my DPS hurt because of it. Other than that, the group was great, and I had no qualms about my performance or anyone else’s in the group.

Overall, lots of fun. After spending the last couple runs on Ony wiping repeatedly, it was nice to find a group of people who I could one-shot both runs with! (And pick up some loots, though no new ranged weapon.)


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October 9, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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