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Recently switched guilds to a more ‘regular’ raiding, guild, Dead Horse Society, with my hunter. Although I love the group of friends I have in Tipplesplitters, they’re too busy to raid more than once a week, and at times (like the next few weeks, especially) it’s even less than that. I’m a raid whore, and I like to raid more than that, and I’m really tired of fail PUGs.

So I switched my main over, and it’s been a couple raids, and I’ve downed ToC10 with the guild. I now don’t spend a lot of time on my main other than raiding; this is good. Before I would just sit around Dalaran for hours on end obsessively looking at LFG. Now, I just sign in at raid time, raid for 3 hours, sign off, and do it again 2 days later.

It’s also led me to pick up the pace of leveling my priest alt slightly: because he’s still in the guild of friends that I had previously, I have more desire to be on that char so I can chat with them, etc. I’ve been grinding out experience in Valgarde Keep by tagging the mobs and letting the guards north of the city finish them off; at 400k exp per hour, it’s about twice as fast as levelling via questing at level 70. (When I hit 71, it’ll probably be time to move on — since I want to heal dungeons, I’ll want to actually pick up some quest rewards so that I can do so without being embarrassed by how hard it is.)

So, my main is now a member of Dead Horse Society on Malygos (US). We are currently looking for people! So if you’re one of a: DPS DK, Resto Druid, Mage, Priest, Resto Shaman, or Warlock, look us up!

The guild has been really great for me. Letting me get my raiding in without constantly fighting terrible PUGs is quite nice.

Going to be doing a 25-man ToC on Sunday night; looking forward to seeing what we can do in a bigger setting.


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October 16, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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