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It’s time for: Name That Spec!

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Stumbled across this in my blog readings today, and was quite amused.

But, allow me to let you in on a little secret: I’m just not as excited about my Hunter as I used to be. I used to cry, bleed, sweat and breathe Hunterness, but honestly, I just don’t like where the class is headed these days, and I know many out there feel much the same way. I don’t like the fact that Blizzard has engineered Hunters so that only one spec is truly successful in a raid environment. It’s my belief that all three specs should be equally viable, giving players a choice of styles that are all equally effective. This is quite distinctly not the case as it stands now, and I hate having to choose between playing a spec I love, or an extra 1000 DPS in the same friggin gear. And let me tell you, this really frosts my ass.

Can you guess which spec is being discussed here?

If you guessed Beast Mastery, you’d be right! Larissa posted this mini-rant about 10 months ago.

10 months ago, “the” raiding spec was BM.
6 months ago, “the” raiding spec was Survival.
3 months ago, “the” raiding spec was Marksmanship.

I want to add here: I think the situation has gotten much better since then. There is obviously a goal of bringing the three specs closer in line with each other; changes in scaling, spells, durations, and so on have been demonstrating that quite well. However, there is still an idea that there is one ‘best’ spec, and I really think that — especially given the changes since that post to bring them closer in line — it’s likely not as important as theorycrafters might have you believe. (Hm, perhaps I’m harping on this point.)

Everyday things change… but basically they stay the same.

Beast Mastery forever!


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November 16, 2009 at 5:19 pm

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