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Making it to 80 (again)

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Last night, I made it to 80 on my third character — the Paladin, Nesilo of Malygos. There was a fair amount of play time this week, but the majority of that was a 7 level grind over 3 days.

Some numbers:

  • Average XP/hour in dungeons: 200k – 300k. The peak rate for this was 325k. I was tank, so my queues were always instant, and the peak rate was a group of 5 who moved through 4 normal dungeons in a little over an hour. By the end of that time, I was actually feeling pretty comfortable in tanking, a first for me.
  • Average XP/hour in battlegrounds (Alterac Valley, specifically): During the course of the battleground, either 100k (loss or turtle) or 350k (quick win). When a team heads to Frostwolf and captures those towers immediately, you get about a 10-15 minute battle (depending how good people are at defending towers), which gives 110k XP. (This is with Galv/All Towers/Drek).
  • Average XP/hour questing: 350k with normal flying, 450k with epic flying.
  • Average XP/hour grinding invaders north of Valgarde Keep, up through level 74: 700k.

The last one gets dull repetitively, and is a great way to keep yourself from getting any of the gear you need, but if you’re really tired of dungeon running, questing, etc. and are 100k from a level, being a prot paladin and attacking the forever-respawning invaders north of Valgarde Keep is godly. Immediately outside the gates, stand in front of the wall on the western side, just to the right of the three defenders who defend that wall. When invaders start coming in, Hand of Reckoning, Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, etc.. — the goal is to get as many mobs attacking you as possible (for Blessing of Sanctuary mana gains via blocks). Use Seal of Light, and Judgement of Wisdom, and keep up Divine Plea once you get it (71), and you should have no downtime at all.

I also used this spot to level my priest: the rate there was slower (~400k/hr, when not rested), but still valuable.

Levels 78 and 79 each took approximately 4 hours of playtime. 76/77 were a bit faster — Grizzly Hills + Zul’drak questing is pretty speedy with an epic flying mount. Storm Peaks and Northrend don’t even compare for pure speed.

This leveling experience helped reaffirm for me how much I love the Storm Peaks zone. One of the things I’m most disappointed with was that because of when I joined the game, I never really got to spend much time in Ulduar: having gone through the Storm Peaks fully (getting the questing achievement in that zone and no other, this time around), the lore behind the keepers, where they’ve gone, Loken’s betrayal of Thorim, the Sons of Hodir/Thorim storyline, etc. are all extremely awesome. I understand that to long-time players of Warcraft, the Lich King and Icecrown Citadel probably hold more sway, but I’ll always prefer the mechanical tinkerings of Ulduar.

Overall, hitting 80 again is an awesome feeling, and I’m looking forward to having a chance to tank once I get nearer that silly defense cap.


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April 5, 2010 at 3:06 pm

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