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Undergeared Tanking of Pit of Saron

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Last Thursday, I got dumped into tanking Heroic Pit of Saron on my Paladin.

My first reaction when I saw the loading screen was “Aw, crap.” I’ve done PoS on a bunch of characters, but it’s never been a favorite.

The first reaction of the group I was with was “How did you even get in here with that gear? You can’t tank this.” To be fair, this isn’t a completely unreasonable response. My tanking gear has a gear score of 3800; my average iLevel is just above 200. My biggest problem doesn’t tend to be survivability, in general; threat — especially against anyone with ICC gear — is more of a problem. My only deaths as a tank have been due to bugged encounters. However, my health is low — even with fort + sanc + mark + 5% random dungeon buff, I’m still only at 30k buffed health — hardly the most encouraging thing when you zone into PoS as a healer.

I said I could tank it, and that if we wiped, I would leave the group and let them finish. I got a few groans, but people accepted this and we moved on. (Compare to the previous PoS, where I got brought in as a healer with a 4200 GS — and got told that having a blue trinket meant I couldn’t heal. That group didn’t pull anything, they just sat by the portal for 15 minutes until they could kick me.)

After making our way through trash, I find out that the reason the druid was standing back at the beginning was because he needed to do the quest, and needed help getting slaves. (Thanks for letting me know so I could help you here :p) So we go back, pick up slaves, etc. No wipes, only one death, etc.

We get to Garfrost. As a priest healer, I hate this fight with a passion: I *always* lose people on Garfrost, usually because they don’t clear their stacks. I pick him up, we do pretty well with the first rock, etc., though the healer doesn’t seem to be clearing stacks.

So I pull, we start killing him, etc. I watch as the rogue cloaks out of two stacks (what a waste), and most everyone, except the healer, clears their stacks on the first stone. Then Garfrost heads to his anvil, and I clear my stacks then chase him.

I failed to pull him back out to the stones, and people start dropping. One goes down, then two, then three, and it’s just the healer — with 24 stacks — and I. The healer goes down. My health is at 30%,  garfrost is at 40%.

I pop my bubble, make sure I taunt Garfrost in case he had any plan on running away, and start DPSing. My stacks are now clear, so I’m not taking much damage. He throws a rock, and I run for it, and heal myself while he catches up.

I chase him around the rock, DPSing and keeping myself mostly full with Judgement of Light. At 30%, when I’m staying alive, the Shaman pops, and starts doing the dance around the rocks with me, throwing in DPS where he can.

A couple minutes later, Garfrost is dead.

“The hell I can’t tank this place.”

It was a very satisfying feeling.


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April 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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